Kamalhassan and RajiniKanth joins in kuselan

It is a hot news in kollywood industry that Kamalhassan and Rajinikanth acts together in the new film Kuselan which is the remake of previous year mallu hit Kadha Parayumbol(Mammotty).Also we can see the both stars acting in a dance sequence in Kuselan.So in all manners Kuselan brings some new visuals to the whole Indian Movie Industry.In Kuselan Rajinikanth does the role of Mammootty in Kadha Parayumbol.Kadha Parayumbol was a movie which tells about the value of friendship between a poor Barber(Sreenivasan(Also the Script writer)) and a filmstar(mammotty)

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  1. ramya October 11, 2008 / 12:50 am

    At last barber role was performed by actor Mr.Pasupathy..
    Rajni kamal dint act together..

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