Katrina kaif hot in De Dana Dhan

how can any one be so lucky?? well talking about katrina kaif what else to say…she is hot, glamour Bollywood actress,who is known for max enjoyable showoffs .. but if we look back ,before 2 or 3 years ,where was she, along a few 2nd grades bunches of films- all lost??? but allas! now, she is the most expensive actress(heard she makes 6 crores above from one movie, where SRK just charges 7 crores in Bollywood)..how??? in this year, she have more films than any actresses in any bit. and most of her films made shaking in box office hit list… another thing heard about her is that she had offered many lot crores (above 20 ) to participate in an 30 mins stage show…. did any one thought 2 or 3 years back that the hong kong born katrina turquoise who acted” talent” (body shows) in boom will now hold the queens throne in Bollywood for last 2 years.. now her new movies yet to hit box office are de dhana dan with akshay kumar she is now busy with her new film rajneeti (2010).No doubt Katrina Kaif ,akshay kumar magic will repeat in de dana dhan!

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