Kavya Madhavan Photos from Sadhu Mirandal

Kavya Madhavan is Mallus own girl,she is often termed as beautiful and talented.She came to Malayalam in Kamal’s Azhagiya Ravana with mammotty,now an interesting fact is that she is going to act with Mammotty as his heroine in the next movie Pattanathil bhootham.Pattanathil Bhootham will release in ┬áJune 2nd week and will Compete with blesse-Mohanlal’s Bhramaram,in which bhoomika Chawla is the heroine

Kavya Madhavan got a state award shared with meera jasmine in Perumazhakkalam,directed by her godfather Kamal himself.Now what comes as the hot ┬áserved meal is that She will be most probably stop acting after Pattanathil bhootham,she is now married to Nishal Chandra and news’s are spreading that she will be settling in some foreign countries soon.According to kavya, Mallus consider kavya madhavan as one of their family members,So it will be difficult for the mallu audiences to accept the fact that she is gonna stop acting!Lots of other talented actress like Parvathy,Samyuktha Varma,Divya unni,Jomol,Manju Warrier etc stopped acting after marriage.I think only Meera Jasmine will become as an exception(In the future).

These Kavya Madhavan photos are from the movie Sadhu Mirandal directed by Siddique,Shot as a song for the movie,Her figure was exposed in the song which made her fans restless..Kavya Madhavan hot pictures are posted before.

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