Lakshmi Rai photos from naan avan illai 2

Naan Avan illai 2 is the sequel to Naan Avan illai which was released 3 years before ,and the hero jeevan (Kaakka kaakka pandi) is the same hero in this movie.In naan avan illai first part Jyothirmayi,Namitha hot photos , did the lead roles.Jyothirmayi hot video from naan avan illai is very famous.Other actress in Naan avan illai are Sangeetha and Rachna maurya and Shwetha Menon, also the rising actress Hema Malini is also there.The movie is directed by selva and is expected to release by 2010,according to initial reports Naan Avan illai 2 is gonna utilize the maximum hotness out of these heroines.Shwetha Menon Looks most hotter out of these girls.Wallpapers of naan avan illai was released soon.

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