Manmadhan Ambu Video Trailer and new photos

Manmadhan Ambu is the new movie of kamalhassan directed by K.S ravikumar.In Manmadhan Ambu which means cupids arrow in English,The character Man is done by kamalhassan and Madan is done by Madhavan.Manmadhan Ambu remembers the old hit combination of Ks Ravikumar and Kamalhassan which created Panchathanthiram and Thenali,Manmadhan Ambu will be an all in all comedy and will be releasing this Christmas.Trisha does the lead pair in the movies,Manmadhan Ambu videos,Manmadhan Ambu trailers.Songs of Manmadhan Ambu photos are done by Devishree Prasad.

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