Mappilai-Dhanush movie photos

Mappilai is the new dhanush movie directed by Sooraj.Dhanush sucessfully remade two blockbusters Padikkathavan and polladhavan.Anyways This time Dhanush didnt get it right,Mappilai is being said as the worst remake ever made.Those who have watched the original version of Mappilai starred by Rajnikanth will break out in to tears watching the new Mappilai of Dhanush.Anyways this  will be another flop to Dhanush along with seedan,which was another spoiled remake of the beautiful Malayalam movie Nandananam in which prithviraj was the hero.Hansika Motwani is the heroine of Dhanush in Mappilai.Enjoy these new Mappilai movie photos,another release of Dhanush is Kettavan.

seedan movie Photos

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