Meera Chopra in Saree Photos

Meera Chopra was born on 8 July 1983 in Delhi.She started her career as a model,after that she came to the film industry.She also worked at NDTV before joining films.Meera Chopra debuted in the S J Suriya movie Anbe Aruyire.Meera Chopra was called Nila initially,later on she cahnged her name to Meera Chopra.Meera Chopra is always termed as an unlucky star.She didn’t get much offers after all.Her most successful movies are ‘Vaana,Kaalai,Maruthumagan,Khilladi,Maaro,Jaganmohini’.After 2008 she was acting only 1 movie per year.In this post you can find out 6+ photos of Meera Chopra in Saree.So you can watch and enjoy this photos of Meera Chopra in Saree.


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