Mohanlal and KamalHassan pairs up with Major Ravi


And this is something which goes to Major Ravi.KamalHassan and Mohanlal will be playing major roles in his next film(as usual,a military story).The silm will be starting after Mohanlal and Ravi’s Kurukshetra(Formerly named as Kargil).The movie is about the conspiracy behind the Hijacking of Inidan Airlines in 1999.Major Ravi is always after true stories.His Keerthichakra was a big hit and won many reputations.

Kurukshetra will be releasing in october 2nd and some songs are out already.Kurukshetra is also a military story telling about the Kargil war with a message to avoid war.Anyway lots of expectations will be there in Ravi as Kamal and Mohanlal are teaming up!

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