Mohanlal and Priyadarsan join backs in Hindi


It was been so long waiting for Mohanlal and priyadarsan to get paired in Hindi.They are like Martin Scorsese and De Niro in Hollywood.Priyadarsan who has done more than 85% of his movies in malayalam with mohanlal,shares a great personal relation with him.According to Priyadarsan whom for which Amitabh Bacchan and Subash Ghai waits saysMohanlal is the best actor of country.Both of them have helped each other,and created trends in malayalam with their movies later at present are being remade to hindi  as so called Khatta Meettha,Ga tram Masala,Kyun Ki,etc etc the list goes on.

Anyways in this hindi movie of Priyadarsan after the one with Subash ghai,Anil Kapoor,Ajay Devgan, etc will be acting and Mohanlal will be having a lead role in movie.Priyadarsan’s last movie with Mohanlal in malayalam was 7  years before and was titles Kilichundan mmbazham in which Late Soundarya was heroine.Another news is that Mohanlal is going to be active in Hindi Movies,he has also agreed with Vishal Bharadwaj whom is a great mohanlal fan to co operate with his next movie Starring the BIG hrithik Roshan!!!

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