Mohanlal as Balaraman in Shikkar

Shikkar is the latest and first time movie of PadmaKumar(vargam,Vasthavam) with super star Mohanlal.As the name indicates ,Shikkar tells something about the hunting.Mohanlal plays the character of Balaraman,who is a lorry driver who has a revenge insdie him.Script of Shikkar is written by Suresh babu and Music is done by M Jayachandran.The youth face Kailesh (neelathamara) also joins mohanlal to do a good role in Shikkar.As said previously ,Mohanlal is a lorry driver in the movie,the Lorry is named Shikkar as you can see that in these Shikkar photos.No doubt Shikkar will be a good experience to movie lovers as the movie is shot in Foresty areas in Andhra Pradesh.