Mohanlal’s Red Chillies on January


Mohanlals new movie redchillies is set to release by next week.RedChillies is the next movie of Shaji Kailas after pathetic Sound Of Boot.Another speciality is the script by AK SAJAN.Shaji -Sajan team joins again for redchillies after the grant succes of Chintamani Kolacase ,and another interesting thing is the similarities between the stories.In chintamani Kolacase it was Mirchi girls while in REDCHILLIES the story is surrounded on 10 Radio Jockeys ,a murder and an NRI OMAR(Mohanlal).Shaji Kailas wont bare his style so we can certainly expect something new in REDCHILLIES..Even though the movie was slated for a xmas release it was extended to january due to post production works.Idea Start Singer Ranjini Haridas plays the role of one radio jockey.We should have to see how much will she spoils the role!

Lots of discussions are going after the role OMAR done by Mohanalal some buzz is that he is the police officer coming to investigate the murder and some says that he is the convict,and some he is a criminal lawyer as in Chintamani.AK Sajan’s last script was Nadiya Kollapetta Rathri which was an average hit.Anyway with the new trio Mohanlal-Shaji-Sajan will certainly gonna create some magics in the box office.

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  1. Arjun January 18, 2009 / 5:46 am


    We are with you

  2. sagar January 18, 2009 / 10:05 pm

    e padam polikum

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