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This is a Review send to us by a TamilQueens Reader. We Posted it here, as it is Sincere.

I watched the latest tamil movie ‘Mozhi’ this evening with my family.

I have to confess that this is the best of all Tamil movies that I’ve seen in recent years . I am not a big fan of commercial cinema..I mean a Masala movie with Blood,flesh and stupid comedy.

Mozhi is a different animal altogether. A breathtaking movie. Very clean and crisp.

I applaud Prakash Raj for producing a superb movie. A daring move indeed amidst all these junk movies that come out these days.

Prithivi Raj – He is maturing as an actor and I am sure he’ll reach new heights in Tamil Cinema.
Jyothika – IMHO, this is one of her best performances.
Prakash Raj – He is such a versatile actor, who can even crack you up with his humor.
Swarnamalya – Didn’t know that she can act so Well.
Director Radha Mohan – Superb performance ( Not sure if its the first movie? )
Dialogues Viji – Wonderful, very crisp, nice comedy as well
Music – Vidyasagar, I need not mention about this album, it is already a great hit

I loved all the songs
Balram – What a voice, The Title song ‘Kaatrin Oli’ is so soothing.
Vairamuthu – Wonderful lyrics, all songs are superb.
Apartment Secretary and the Professor – Wonderful comedy Indeed !
Please don’t miss this movie. Go with your family and enjoy !
Here is wha

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  2. N.G.SHASHISHEKAR November 8, 2007 / 10:33 am

    Dear Prakash Raj sir,

    You are of my town i.e., from Karnataka. It is our honour that you are an versatile actor came under great legends. Your mozhi, it is not a film, it is a experience who never expects and this experience never forgets. In these years not even single film I watched like this. Hats off you sir.

    mysore – karnataka

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