Mythili Photos from Salt N Pepper

After a long dark age in Malayalam cinema,it seems like an appraisal of the industry.Some descent movies like Traffic,Bombay march 12 was made this year and its been 6-7 super hits this year so far.Salt N Pepper was released friday in which Mythili is the second heroine(Shweta menon plays the lead female).

Salt N Pepper didnt get any initial but now its heard that theaters are running houseful owing the positive reviews all over.So Salt N Pepper will be another hit this year.Mythili paired with Asif Ali in the movie,she exposes some bit the song Kaanamullal(which is already a hit).Salt N Pepper songs are done by Bijibal.

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  1. murthi July 12, 2011 / 6:29 am

    woooow Big Boooooooooooopssssssss………..

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