Naan Avan Illai 2 Movie Review


Naan Avan Illai 2 happenns to be a tamil movie which emerged as a sequel  to the  movie Naan Avan illai by Jeevan,Namitha,Jyothirmayi,Sneha etc.The  Second part of the movie was released world wide two days before.Naan avan illai was a movie rich  in which lots of glamor and sexy hot scenes of Namitha and jyothirmayi.Naan Avan illai 2 video

As the first part was a grand success Naan avan illai 2 got a good initial collection,initials was good in kerala too.The movie is nothing but a copycat of the first part.Same story,same hero but heroines and surroundings does change.The whole movie is shoot in foreign locations.Naan Avan illai 2 starts by the union of  all the girls who were cheated by Jeevan,and then goes to flash back -Hema malini(Sruthy),Swetha Menon,Lakshmi Rai,Rachna Maurya(In order).Sangeetha appears in a sentimental role of a deppressed character -very much unglamorous.And the movie ends with usual dramatic incidents.This movie was meant to be highly glamorous,but lots of hot shows are there by Hema malini,Swetha and Rachna Maurya ,lakshmi rai but not much as it demanded.Sexy scenes were one of the  hit factor of The first part.Of the five actress,Swetha Menon was damn sexy and as the                  Naan avan illai 2 wallpapers indicated Swetha Menon exposes a lot.Rachna Maurya was also unexpectedly damn hot,lots of hot show offs of Rachna Maurya were in the movie.Comparably Lakshmi rai  was the one who exposed little.

All in all Naan avan illai is strictly for those who liked the first part,its just a copy cat of first part.Watch Naan avan illai 2 if you are to watch a movie with some songs,hot scenes,masalas etc.All in all its an average time pass movie which can be watched with light hearts for some entertainments.

Verdict 2.4/5

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