Namitha Rejects 14 roles!

what had really happened to the  Namitha???her fans must be really disappointed that they lost 14 big opportunities
to see their dream girl in glamour outfits as she rejects them all!
but, namitha had a very strong reason to back up her decision.In her interview recently she opened her mind“I have made up my mind to be very choosy of what roles I take up from now on wards. In the past, I was not choosable and not matured to decide what roles to take and hence ended up doing only song item numbers in movies where I had actually been promoted for only  meaty roles.Once I signed a project where I was supposed to play a detective in under cover investigation and was told to do a item  dance number . they told me that its a part of  investigation in the story. But after the song was shot, they surprised me  that my character had been cut because it will affect the main story very badly  Hence once again I had to  done just one song in  that  movie. Similar things have happened way too 2009 i got a break through in the shape of jagan mohini.

And now, after the success of Jagan Mohini,

I am determined to do proper roles, not just glamorous meaty  ones.
i will do any role which feels me that it contains some matter
In the last four months I have rejected at least 14 offers, because they had no  matter and just need my physical appearance only ,” says a very
emotional Namitha.

just thought, she had expose herself to maximum in most of films, just underneath to get a A certificate.

her films for eg, 1977 with sarath kumar was given A certificate because of heavy  fight scenes and mostly because of her over exposure
even though namitha said this her new film with actor
bala have hot scenes, even bed room scenes.

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    Very beutiful

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