Namitha Kapoor-Tamil Actress Profile

Namitha Kapoor – you all know her as the fatty actress of south India. Ever thought of her biography? Here we are bringing in for you Tamil Actress – Namitha Kapoor’s biography.

Date Of Birth: May 10 1980

Place of Birth: Surat, Gujarath

Height: 6 feet or 1.85 m

Early Days:

Though born in a conventional punjabi family in Surat as the only daughter to her father (a businessman) and mom (a homemaker), she was brought up in Mumbai. There’s not much information available about her childhood and early teens. After pre school she grabbed a degree in English literature.

Namitha got her initial expose to limelight as she got crowned as Miss. Surat in the year 1998. Followed with this she participated in the prestigious Miss.India 2001 contest and got 4th place. You must know that Celina Jaitley was the crown winner of the sam show.

Following the Miss.India 2001 she got chances in number of  TV Commercials and advertisements. She was selected as the brand face for many south indian brands like Himani, Arun Ice creams, Nile shampoo etc.

Later she got introduced into the celluloid screen by a Telugu director in his film Sontham. For the first 2 films in Telugu she was known as “Bhairavi” and later chose her original name – Namitha Kapoor. Since then she acted in almost all languages in India. She has movies in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English. She’s also been signed for an upcoming Malayalam Movie named Black Stallion.

She got a “break” in cinema with Vijayakanths tamil movie “Engal Anna”. It was a super duper hit in Tamil industry and it really gave her a boom in cinemas. “Engal Anna” was a remake of super hit malayalam cinema “Chronic Bachelor” played by Mammooty.


She loves to dance and shes really passionate in swimming. She used to teach swimming once. If not in front of camers, she loves to swim a lot. She uses her spare time for watching movies, reading novels, working out in Gym, swimming, dancing and playing badminton. She likes to read comics and also novels by Sidney Sheldon.

Quick Facts about Namitha:

  • 6 feet tall and 70 kg weight
  • Namitha Kapoor is the original name
  • Only daughter to her parents
  • Father is a businessman and mom is house wife
  • Passionate about Swimming
  • Holds a degree in English literatue
  • Has acted in almost all languages in South India
  • She was the Miss.Surat in 1998
  • Was 4th runner up in Miss.India 2001
  • Got a break in cinema industry with Vijayakanth’s “Engal Anna”

Fimography of Namitha:

  1. Sontham – 2002
  2. Gemini- 2002
  3. Oka Raja Oka Rani- 2003
  4. Engal Anna- 2004
  5. Aithe Enti- 2004
  6. Aai-2005
  7. Aanai-  2005
  8. Bambara Kannaley- 2005
  9. Kovai Brothers- 2006
  10. Thangapansami- 2006
  11. Nee venunda chellam- 2006
  12. Pacha Kuthira-2006
  13. Vyapari- 2007
  14. Naan Avanallai-2007
  15. Azhagiya Tamil Makan Tamil 2007
  16. Billa Tamil2007


1. Pandi – Tamil
2. Sandai – Tamil


1. Thee – Tamil 2. 1977-Tamil 3. Black Stallion – Malayalam 4. Perumal – Tamil 5. Kettavan – Tamil

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