Namitha says being “fatty” is a bless

The fatty is a favorite actress & do play often with veteran heroes like Sarath Kumar, Satyaraj etc. So far she was limited to Tamil but she also started expansion like Reliance Industries. As initial step in expansion of her reign she signed a contract to act with Kalabavan Mani in his new film BLACK STALLION (Malayalam) directed by Mega Flop directors PRAMOD-PAPPAN! (Who calls them directors??) Anyway she has a unique plan in her career that she will act only with toothless tigers.The movie is released and it is the big flop of the year.Her latest released movie is Benki Birugali.In this gallery you can find out 6+ Photos of the Namitha Kapoor,So watch and enjoy.

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  1. ligin ashok October 24, 2008 / 6:13 am

    funtastic pictures

  2. ligin ashok October 24, 2008 / 6:13 am


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