Nanban Photos-the 3-idiots remake of tamil by Shankar

Nanban shooting stills,nanban movie photos .nanban vijay movie
Nanban will be the much hyped movie release in this year,as uit is the remake of the most successful bollywood movie last year, 3-idiots in which aamir khan and Madhavan did lead roles.Its the movie adaptation of Chetan bagat’s famous book 5 point someone.At first the lead role of nanban was planned to be acted by Vijay and later it was given to Surya and finally Vijay got the role himself.Jeeva and Srikanth does the supporting roles,Illeana Dcruz will be the heroine.Sathyaraj and S J surya are the other castings.Nanban will be an all in all comedy happening in a college Engineering Campus and has lots of stuffs which tickles our brain.

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