Nayan is beautiful

Nayantara was given a costume to wear for her duet with Suryah. As soon as Nayantara saw the costume, Nayantara gritted her teeth and refused to wear it, asking for another costume.Accordingly, the assistant director got her another costume. When one is in the fighting mood, there is no need for rhyme or reason. Nayantara unnecessarily showered the poor assistant director verbally for no apparent cause.

When Nayantara threw tantrum at the production person serving tea too, the whole unit wondered what had made Nayantara change into such a Badrakali. Amidst all this, Nayan received a phone call from Chennai from the young hero with three alphabets to his name. It seems Nayan showered the actor with archana for half an hour on the phone. At one moment, Nayantara was raging so much that Nayan even flung her expensive cell phone. The phone smashed to bits, putting the whole unit into consternation.

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