Nayan Thara New Images and Photos

Nayanthara upholds the image of a diva, keeping her distance from the media and staying away from public appearances. Nayanthara prefers not to get embroiled into controversies just for the sake of publicity.Nayanthara chooses her roles with care, knowing that the audience nowadays chooses to see her films solely because she is a part of the film. Hence Nayanthara is very cautious about scripts and does not shoot for multiple movies simultaneously.Nayanthara even turns down advertisement campaigns and endorsements that are offered to her while she is involved in the filming of any movie. This is also because Nayanthara fears overexposure. This glamorous actress is one of the busiest leading ladies in south Indian films of this time.

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  1. madhusudhanan August 5, 2007 / 1:39 am

    hai nayan I want to friendship with u.

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