Nayan Thara Video Songs – Top 10 Video Songs of Actress Nayan Thara

In this post, we publish the top 10 video songs of actress Nayan Thara, selected based on Popularity from Youtube. We all know Nayan Thara as the controversial, outspoken actress of South India. She has been in news for her affair with Simbhu and her drama with Prabhu Deva. Recently she has been alleged with abusing Nazriya Nazim & Kajal Agarwaal! Those 2 young & rising stars responded to Nayan Thara’s words and they also got spotted in gossips. Whatever! Nayan Thara is still a popular actress in demand and her recent movie with Aarya was a blockbuster hit. So here enjoy the top 10 Nayan Thara video songs handpicked from Youtube.

 #1 – Vaarayo Vaarayo from Aadhavan 

The first song in the list is from the thriller movie Aaadhavan in which Surya plays the lead role. This song is melodious & colorful. Special mention to the director & choreographer.

#2 – Perilla Raajyathe from BodyGuard 

The second song in the list is from Malayalam movie BodyGuard. BodyGuard is the original movie title of tamil movie Kaavalan. Asin plays the role of Nayan Thara in Kaavalan. As well know, both BodyGuard & Kaavalan were super hits in box office.

#3 – Hassili Fassili from Aadhavan

The third song in the list too is from Surya starred Aadhavan. As we all know, Aadhavan was a big budget thriller. The songs in Aadhavan are pictured with high budget and this makes them visually amazing!

#4 – X Mirchi from Ghajini 

The fourth song is an “item dance” from Nayan Thara, which she had done for Ghajini. The song was a super hot item of those days, if you remember!

#5 – Jalsa Jalsa from Villu 

The fifth song in the list is from Vijay starred movie Villu. The song Jals Jalsa is a masti entertainer! Have fun!

#6 – Nee Kobappattal from Villu 

Nee Kobappatal Naanum Kobappeduvee .. is an interesting song from Villu again. The song is well shot and is blessed with some outstanding locations.

#7 – Oru Naalukkul from Yaaredy Nee Mohini 

Seventh song in the list is from Yaaredy Nee Mohini, a love story played by Dhanush & Nayan Thara on screen. Have fun!

#8 – Yaar Intha Penthan from Boss Engira Bhaskaran 

The eighth song in the list from Boss Engira Bhaskaran, in which Nayan Thara and Aarya plays the lead roles. This song portrays the her & heroine falling in love.

#9 – Chillenna from Raja Rani 

The ninth song in the list is from a recent movie of Nayan Thara “Raja Rani”. The movie was a box office success & it portrays love from a different angle. In this song Jai & Nayanthara leads the screen.


#10 – Chellame Chellame from Sathyam 

The last song in the song is from movie “Sathyam”, in which Vishal is the lead hero. This song is pretty famous for its hot scenes & for portraying Nayanthara in different costumes. So enjoy!

I hope you have enjoyed these top 10 Nayan thara video songs. We will be coming up with video lists of other actresses as well. So stay tuned.

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