Nayanthara create problems in Kerala Temple


Nayanthara is always controverisal.Lots of hot news was spread around her.1st of all is the lip kiss scene with Simbhu in vallavan and one private lip kiss scene .Later she split up with Simbhu  and then after Sathyam Vishal substituted the position of Simbhu.She wore a bikini in Billa which also created much noise against her.Peoples of TN created temple for her while she acted in Chandramukhi.But now check what is the situation in kerala.

She got in Vishu into Killikaavu Temple in Manicheri wearing a Salwar Kameez.Authorities said that it was prohibited and She should not wear a Salwar Kameez.. (Should she come nude? LOL..).Anyways she got angry against the authorities and said she will enter the temple in Salwar Kameez and she called the bodyguards.HAHA but what did her bodyguards say”?Madam,Better not enter into the temple wearing Salwar Kameez” .Our own Nayans  failed and quit!Anyways this was a feast to drunkarads around their and they tried to abuse our own Nayanthara

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