Nayanthara And Prabhudeva’s Marriage Soon

Nayanthara And Prabhudeva are heard with many gossinayanthara-prabhu-devaps columns of South Indian Magazines these days.Now Nayanthara find his True mate Prabhudeva as his would be.In last day interview at the location of the movie Urumi, which is directed by Santosh Shivan Prabhudeva said to the media that he and his lady love Nayanthara soon will get married.Its already heard that Nayanthara last released movie Boss Engira Bhaskaran is getting top of the Box Office Charts.Nayanthara is in strong comeback after certain failures.But the tamil film lover are very sad about to loss this beauty queen.Both Prabhudeva and Nayanthara get intimate relation during the shooting of Prabhudeva’s Villu.

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