Neha Dhupia outfit pose for the FHM magazine

neha dhupia fhm coverpage

Neha Dhupia was always daring from the beginning of her careers,movies like julie and sheesha are the best examples in which she exposed like hell,later Neha Dhupia was able to change her image through a pair of descent movies,and at present its very hard to see here exposing in movies(as she is doing character roles).Neha Dhupia Photogallery
new movies of Neha Dhupia are Dear Friend Hitler,Parama Veera Chakra,Phas Gaye Re Obama etc.Neha is now moved on to age 30 .Here bikini photoshoots for the Men Magazines are famous.In this cover page of the FHM magazine,its said that Neha Dhupia goes down, means that she is wearing very down dress to expose herself.

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