New Prithviraj Malayalam movie Anwar photos

Anwar is the latest malayalam movie of Prithviraj who has completed the major role in tamil movie Raavanan with vikram and Aishwarya Rai,and Raavanan is directed by mani ratnam.Star value of Prithviraj is gonna rise up as Raavanan is such a big release.And Raavanan will be releasing world wide in June 14.

Coming to Anwar,its the next movie directed by Amal Neerad after the hit malayalam movie Sagar Alias Jacky.It deals about Terrorist activities between the youth and youngsters in kerala,it also deals about the social issues like love jihad and all.Pritvirak does the title role of Anwar.Trailer of anwar has been released and it shows the usual pattern of Amal neerad

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