Nishabd Trailer-Promo-Teaser

The Nishabd Promo/Trailer is on rolls. Nishabd is a magical love story  of an 18 Year Beuty and 60 Year old. Nishabd will be released all over in February. Its an entrire difference fro AMithab Bachan with his new appearnce and an entirely different role. After a lot of flops from Factory of RGV, RGV is making a close move with Nishabd. Rgv may or may not be succesfull in getting on to this move. Nishabd will make its mark, as for critics, but many one says Nishabd will be a flop. Ramu has not many admirers, all are critics, Alos its a fact that RGV has no big Hits after Rangeela. Lets see what he amkes in his next Nishabd

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