Nithya Menon doesnt like to act!!

Nithya menon recently said very frankly that she doesnt like acting at all,and none of her characters she did was not at all with passion or something like that.Nithya says that it just happened ,thats all,she never wanted to be an actress but only a Cinematographer.And she also added that shes staying in the film industry because of that she hopes one day she can switch to a cinematographer and pursue her dream.She also added that Mohanlal was the man whom without she wouldn’t be an actress.Mohanlal saw her in a cover page and reccomended Nithya to the movie AkashaGopuram.

Nithya menon photos from the new movie ISHQ

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  1. jols October 15, 2011 / 3:18 am

    Lalettan brought a good actress

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