Actress Vedhika Without Makeup Photos

Do you know how beautiful is Actress Vedhika without any makeup on her face ? You must see these morning selfies of Vedhika to know her natural beauty. She is as beautiful as the morning sunshine…right up from her bed. Only very rare actress are of this class..just like Hema Malini and Sridevi! So here find exclusive snaps of Actress Vedhika Kumar without makeup photos and pictures collection. You must also see Actress Vedhika Childhood Photos and this rare collection of Actress Vedhika Family photos too. If you are still curious, why don’t spend some time seeing gorgeous Photo collection of Vedhika in Saree? Isn’t she beautiful like a goddess!

Actress Vedhika Selfie Photos and Pictures Collection

When we talk about selfies, those are the self captured moments of a person. “Selfies” are really beautiful when they are taken by gorgeous actress and actors. We get to see those beautiful actress and celebrities in their selfie moments… those beautiful moments of expression. Vedhika Kumar is a naturally beautiful women. No matter what, you will understand this if you see this gallery of Actress Vedhika Without Makeup photos collection. A naturally beautiful woman’s selfies are ought to be beautiful as well. You ought to see Actress Vedhika Without Makeup photos collection to know how beautiful she is! In this gallery, we feature 12 exclusive selfie photos and pictures of actress Vedhika Kumar! If you are still curious, we have a giant gallery of Actress Vedhika Photos and Pictures collection.

Actress Vedhika Kumar About, biography and family Photos

About Vedhika Kumar

After her education from England, Vedhika wanted to try her luck in acting and Vedhika went to learn acting. It was that time when Vedhika got a break with Arjun in tamil movie Madrasi, after all she had tried her luck in tamil,telugu and Malayalam industry. Vedhika also acted in the super hit tamil movie Kaaviyathalaivan with Prithviraj and Siddharth.

Vedhika Kumar Filmography

Have a look at some of the most popular movies of Vedhika

  • Madrasi
  • Muni
  • SakkaraKattai
  • Baanam
  • Paradesi
  • Kaaviya Thalaivan
  • Cousins(Malayalam)
  • Shivalinga
  • James & Alice

Actress Vedhika – as we all know her is going to rule South Indian cinemas in coming months. Her very recent film was “Cousins” – a Malayalam film, in which she played a very gorgeous royal girl. Vedhika is a rare blend of unique natural beauty and acting skills. If you haven’t seen gorgeous photos of this goddess like actress, you should see our giant gallery of Actress Vedhika Photos and Pictures collection.Vedhika is a very talented dancer as well. She proved her mettle in dance (especially classical dance) in her highly appreciated film “Kaaviya Thalaivan”. In this gallery, we feature Vedhika Kumar along with her family. She is mostly accompanied by her mother in shooting sets and other events, so you won’t see other family members. So here are a couple of Vedhika Kumar Family photos and pictures. So if you have seen them, you should have now concluded that her mother is as beautiful as the actress!  Vedhika was very cute looking in her childhood and we have published a set of  Actress Vedhika Childhood Photos for you to see!

Actress Vedhika Childhood Photos and Pictures Collection

Vedhika Kumar – is an uprising actress in South Indian cinemas. With her recent success of “Kaaviya Thalaivan“, she is expected to rise upto the position of Kajal Agarwal, Tamanna, Anushka Shetty and their class very soon. What works positive for Vedhika is her unique natural beauty, her natural creamy white skin tone and good acting skills. She is a rare blend of beauty with above average acting talent. She was brought up in United Kingdom and has a modern outlook to career and life. In this gallery, we publish a set of Childhood photos and pictures of actress vedhika kumar. So here find those rare Vedhika Kumar childhood photos and pictures sourced exclusively. Do you want to see more family members of actress Vedhika ? We have published a gallery of Actress Vedhika Family Photos and Pictures. Just have a glance at the gallery and you will see how beautiful her mother is!

Mallika Sherwat and Vijay singh photos from Bachelerotte India – Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika

Bachelerotte India – Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika was an Indian TV show featured with Mallika Sherawat . The main theme of the show was to find a perfect partner for the bollywood glamour actress Mallika Sherawat. Vijay Singh emerged out as the winner of the show. Have a look at some photos of Vijay Singh and Mallika Sherawat from the tv show. Even though the show was staged, it was a new experience to the Mallika Sherawat Fans. There were a lot of dating scenes between mallika and Vijay, checkout some of the mallika sherwat vijay singh photos .

Anjana Sukhani Photos

Anjana Sukhani Photos

Anjana Sukhani is now 36 years old. She acted in her movie Salaame ishq at her age of 29. Anjana Sukhani paired Anil Kapoor in the movie along with some big co stars like Salman Khan, Govinda,Akshay Khanna, Priyanka Chopra, Ayesha Takia etc. Eventhough the movie flopped in the box offices, Anjana Sukhani was very well noticed. Her cutie face and hot scenes made her popular in bollywood. There was some intimate kissing scenes with Anil Kapoor in the movie which she was not aware of in the beginning.

New movies of Anjana Sukhani

The 2 new movies of Anjana Sukhani are Young Malang and Saheb biwi aur gangster returns, unluckily both movies didnt do good for her.

How Anjana Sukhani became an actress

Anjana Sukhani was born in Jaipur and did her masters in business from UK , after that she pursued her career in modelling and the Cadbury ad with Amitabh Bacchan opened her door to the cinema industry. After Salaame Ishq she acted in Golmaal series which was as big hit. Some of her other popular movies are Don Seenu, Jashnn, Jai veeru, De Taali etc.