Peter Hein for Ravanan (ManiRatnam)

All stars in one frame-That is Ravana by Maniratnam.the epic of Mahabarat itself is shot by mani.Shot as Ravana is Hindi and Ravanan in Tamil.Shooting will be done simultaneously.In tamil Vikram will play the role of Rama,Prithviraj as Ravanan and Aishwarya Rai as Sita.While in Hindi Vikram plays Ravanan,Abhishek and Ash plays Ram and Sita respectively.The movie is planned to be shot in Kerala Forests.This role will be a master gem to prithviraj,as Ravanan is the lead role in the film.The simultanoeus Villanic and Heroic Image helped Prithviraj to get this role.And upto the title i mentioned,Peter Hein is doing action secquences to  Ravana,No doubt the man who made Dhoom,Anniyan,Sivaji fabulous will be at his best in Ravana!

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