Pokkiri-New Tamil Movie from Vijay-Review

Vijay plays a character called Tamizh, a brat. He works for two mafia gangs along with his friends. He does anything for money. Asin plays the role of an aerobic instructor having the cini name Shruthi.The institution is being run by Nasser, who plays the role of a retired upright cop.

Both the mafia group gets attracted by Vijay’s work and they try to convince him to join their group. Meanwhile he falls in love with Asin at the very first sight. Asin too loves him, but hesitates to confess her love to him as he is a reckless criminal.  she tries to convince him to leave this kind of work and lead a normal life. But Vijay does not listen to her advice.

The story takes a sudden twist when one of the members from a mafia group is killed. This is when Alibai played by Prakash raj don of that mafia group is introduced. Prakash raj is arrested by the commissioner. Napoleon plays the role of the commissioner.

By the time prakash raj’s gang kidnaps Napoleons daughter in order to release him. They distort her character by sending porn pictures and videos of her. Napoleon then releases prakash raj to save his daughter from hell.

But even after Prakash raj comes out of jail, his gang does not let go her and continue to ill-treat her in the same way. Unable to tolerate the abuse she tells them that her father (Napoleon) will kill all those who ill-treated her. She also tells them that one man from the department is involved in their gang.

On listening to this prakash raj becomes very shocked and tries to find out the culprit. They get an information that the culprit  is the son of Nasser, a retired upright cop. Prakash raj and his gang tortures and kills him and finds out the culprit. To everybody’s shock Vijay was the person from the department who worked along with his gang. He also comes to know that he is an IPS Officer. The movie ends with Vijay rescuing Napoleons daughter from the mafia gang and punishing them.

National Award Choreographer Prabhu Deva has directed this movie. The movie Pokkiri is a re-make of a telugu film Pokkiri.If the violence in the movie would have been reduced it would have been good.Prabhu Deva has directed the movie, if he had done the choreography by himself he would have made vijay fans feel more happier. The camera of Nirav Shah was good. Stunts of Fepsi vijayan’s stunts was impressive. All will like Mani Sharmas music.

This is a movie which is typically suited for Vijay. He has done everything perfect. Asin has done her character well. She has done a character which is different compared to other movies.

All the characters in the movie are perfect.

Pokkiri is smart ‘N’ excellent movie.

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