Ponnar Shankar Movie Review

Ponnar Shankar was the highly hyped movie released last day.Ponnar Shankar was the noveil written by karunanidhi.Thiagrajan wrote the script for the movie and himself directed it.Prasanth is in the lead role.Other lead casting are, Pooja Chopra ,Divya Parameshwaran,Prakash Raj ,Sneha,Prabhu,Jayaram ,Kushboo etc.

Ponnar Shankar Movie Review

While writing the screenplay for an epic story,you should be that careful and vigilant.Here is were Thiagarajan failed.The script is not at all working and without the script no director can make the movie big.Technically the film is brilliant,all those money invested was seen on screen.Editor Donmax,Thiagrajan as well as all other technicians dis fine job.Ilayaraja also did a fine job by creating wonderful piece of music.Anyways it was the script which didnt work for the movie.

Verdict : 2.5/5 (Watch it only for the technical brilliance)

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  1. Shankar April 19, 2011 / 2:34 am

    bad movie. sorry to disappoint the fans.

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