Prithviraj with hand full of films

The only Youth Star who has equal glamour in both Kollywood and Mallu industry is prithviraj.Prithviraj did many films in Kollywood and Malayalam.Last years Prithviraj was one of the most succesful actor giving out some good hits like Mozhi,Kannamoochi Yeneda etc.While in Malayalam also he gave some hits like Kangaroo,Chocolate etc.But his films are more succesful in tamil than in malayalam.Prithviraj explains about this in a private interview ,”When i select 10 films out of 50 heard in Malayalam,I select only 1 out of 50 in TAMIL”.Prithvirajs intention is clear he wishes to do only good Tamil Films.Prithviraj has completed One Way Ticket which is set for release.And his new Tamil films are Abhiyum Nanum with PrakashRaj.He also does a telugu film

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