Raavanan Earns 350 Crores in International Distribution

RaavananThe upcoming tamil movie and most eagerly awaited movie of this year, Raavanan will release internationally.The movie directed by Maniratnam.The movie will release in Tamil simultaneously releasing in all other languages.The movie shoots in both tamil and Hindi languages.Both language Aishwarya Bacchan performs the role of heroine.This is the first Tamil movie release internationally .The movie Raavanan going to  first  global tamil movie.Already the movie earns its production cost.The movie is produced with a cost of Rs 120 crores and it international distribution of the movies  sold at 350crores.The distribution right is bought by the  big groups Reliance and Sony pictures.This is the biggest release ever seen in kollywood.The musiv direction of the movie by A R Rahman ,Sound mixing by Resul Pookutty and Heroine of the movie Aishwarya Bacchan where globally famous Indians.So they hope audience where interested in watching the movie.

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