Raavanan Official trailer-Beera

Raavanan will be history to the Indian cinema industry,and the most specialty is that the movie will be releasing as Raavan in hindi simultaneously Raavanan in Tamil.And who is the luckiest? No doubt its Vikram,he was able to do the role of Hero and Villain at the same time beacase he is in the tamil and Hindi Version.In Hindi Abhishek bacchan,Vikram does the lead roles while in tamil Vikram and Prithviraj does the lead role.Abhishek was suggested by the director Mani Ratnam to do the role of hero in tamil ,but abhishek himself  discarded the offer owing the language problems.Anyways Aishwarya Rai does the role of heroine in both Raavan and Raavanan.

Promos and videos of raavan and raavanan were out last week,and Beera in Hindi ,and tamil in which Abhishek Bacchan and Vikram appears as leads.To be frank what I felt was that In tamil version,that Is  Raavanan seemed low quality comparing to Beera in Raavan.Even Vikram’s face isnt recognizable because of the Lighting problem.At the same time,the beera video in Raavan was top notch

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