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Rachana Maurya is an item girl who had been in and out of film industry for ages. she become popular to south through the big hit sequel  naan avan ilai 2 of naan avan illai, a playboy type movie- a remake of 1974  gemini ganeshan same title movie . she debuted in films through item dance in dus starring sanjay dut- abhisekh bachan in 2005. her some  item dances are there in aashiq banaya apne, uppi dada mbbs – remake of munna bhai mbbs in kannada, yaradi nee mohini, 13B-(starring  madhavan , neethu chandra ,), etc. her first long role comes in 2009 naan avan illai 2, which changed her name from item dancer but had her most glamour skin offs to is maximum.any way  she is establishing herself in films and  acted in all  types of languages- Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi.

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