Rajini Fans Got Ready for Sivaji


No doubt Rajinikanth is a phenomenon in Tamil cinema. His fans watch closely every movement of their sought-after hero.  With the release for his magnum opus Sivaji nearing, avid fans of Rajinikanth have started to campaign to ensure the movie’s success at the box office.

At several places, the fans associations have been conducting special prayers for the movie’s success.

With 14 April fast approaching, they have planned to organise several programmes to coincide with the movie’s release.

Say a section of fans, “We believe that 14 April is a lucky date for Rajinikanth. His biggest ever hit film, Chandramukhi, was released on 14 April and managed a successful 600-day run. We are confident that Sivaji releasing on the same date would go on to break the record.”

“All his earlier movies for AVM Production have become blockbusters. The presence of big names like director Shankar, music composer AR Rahman and cinematographer K V Anand is a boost to his prospects,” they say.

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