RajiniKanth from Kuselan-Exclusive stills

Here is something incredible!Check out these exciting stills of Style Mannan Rajini from his new movie Kuselan.To be frank this style was more than expected,the king of Tamil industry is looking more young in these stills.Checkout his different styles,simply awesome.I used the word awesome ,as this man is doing these things even at his age of 60!Kuselan is the remake of the malaylam movie Kadha Parayumbol and does Rajini does the role of Mammotty.One major difference between these two films are, Kadha Parayumbol was released without much hype or publicity on the contrary Kuselan is a very much hyped movie(No wonder its a Rajini Movie).Kadha Parayumbol tells the story of the friendship between a poor barber and a superstar, so as Kuselan.Rajini does the role of the Superstar in the film.Kadha Parayambol was a big hit in the mallu industry(Even though its inital collection was low) , As far as Kuselan is concerned the initial pull is not at all a problem as Rajinikanth is there.

Kuselan will be releasing in post July.Apart from Rajini, Pasupathy,Meena,Prabhu Ganeshan also makes their roles in the film.Sexy Nayanthara appears in a song sequence with Rajinikanth.Another major difference from a usual Rajini Movie is that Kuselan is not made in Big Budget(The story demands so).Kadha Parayumbol is also been made to hindi by Priyadarsan ,as Billo Barber and Sharukh does the role of Mammoty or in other words Rajinikanth in Kuselan.

Will it stand up to Kadha Parayumbol?

Looking back, Manichitrathazhu was remade as Chandramukhi,which never stood near the tail of original.What happened to the movie was the punch of the story was lost due to the over presence of Rajini,anyway the movie was a big hit(This may be due to the over presence of Rajini!)In this viewpoint director P Vasu will be certainly giving much hype to Rajini in this movie,We should wait and see whether this takes off the punch of the movie as happened to Chadramukhi.Another coincidence is that P Vasu himself was the director of Chandramukhi!Anyway lets hope for the best.

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