RED Movie Review

Red is a thriller that manages to keep you guessing till the end. Therese enough dose of love, lust and betrayal. Moreover, its editing is slick and the movie ends in 1 hour 40 minutes. No unnecessary sub-plots. Director Vikram Bhatt gets straight to the point and down to the details in no time. He also makes intelligent use of sepia-toned flashbacks to give the movie that Hollywood feel.

The kissing scenes between Neel Oberoi (Aftab Shivdasani) and Anahita (Celina Jaitley) reflects the maturity of the film-maker. No awkwardness here between the two stars as they get steamy and hot. Gone are the days of two flowers meeting, signifying a mating scene and the quick peck on the cheek to signify love. Today, the scenes have gotten bolder and better. The actors are also more accepting of such requirements.

Neel Oberoi is a billionaire bachelor, diagnosed with a hole in the heart. He needs a donor and help comes in the form of a fatal accident. Set right, he wants to thank the one who has helped him get a new life. After persuading the doctor to give him the name of the one who gave him the heart, he sets out to meet the woman to thank her. It turns out that Anahita is lonely after her husband, Anujs death and Neels entry brings a spark in her life.

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