Remaking Chandupott by Vikram

Vikram has hardly had any rest in the recent past. After his strenuous schedule for ‘Anniyan’, followed by the shooting for the quickie ‘Maja’, the actor hardly got to have any rest. And now one hears that the actor has had a short stay at an Ayurvedic ashram to relieve his stress and get his body and mind tuned up for th next spell of shooting. Vikram’s next project is tentatively called ‘Bhima’, for A M Ratnam. And he is reportedly doing the remake of yet another Malayalam film, ‘Chaandupottu’, where the lead role is that of a man who has the mannerisms of a woman, and loves to wear women’s clothes. Vikram has to compete with Dilip who had done a splendid job of the role. Again, with ‘Maja’ getting a lukewarm repsonse at the box office, would Vikram be interested in doing yet another remake?

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