Sameera Reddy poses for Maxim Magazine -photos

Sameera Reddy was considered as one of actress with less amount of luck till the release of Varanam Aayiram with Suriya last year.Sameera Reddy came into the industry in 2002 and did bunch of roles and exposed to the maximum,say bikini and all in Musafir with Sanjay Dutt didnt get a break.And now she is having a good time really got the new movie De Dhana Dhan which is a hit with Akhsay Kumar and Katrina Kaif.And upcoming movies are Cassanova with mohanlal, Asal with Ajith etc and also hindi movies like Naam also She will be appearing in the next Gaoutham Menon Movie who is the director of Varanam aayiram.Another hot news about Sameera was that She recently decided to bid for an IPL team and she said she will be participating in the BID.

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  1. deva January 2, 2010 / 5:03 am

    eemithodale lanja neevi nee puku chinchi dengale naa lanja

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