Samvrutha Sunil malayalam actress photogallery

I don’t know if tamilians know about Samvrutha Sunil ?If not, she’s a tall mallu beauty! 5 feet 9.5 inches thats her height! how awesome is that? Samvritha Sunil is a Kannur based girl from Kerala and what makes her distinct is her gorgeous looks. She looks neat and beautiful.

Samvritha Sunil got introduced into malayalam film industry through a Dileep movie named Rasikan. As all first timers fate,Rasikan was a flop! Though the movie was made by hitmaker director Lal Jose, movie got down in box office.  Though movie was a flop Samvritha got noticed and she got further offers from other great directors.

Samvritha Sunil is distinct from other actress in one nature, she has no demands!! She doesn’t demand she needs this much and that much importance in a story, she doesn’t demand she needs heroine role, she has no egos etc etc.! Thats at the same time her plus and minus! but she’s genuine. isn’t it?

Samvritha Sunil’s latest photo collection of wallpapers and photos are added below.