Sathyam Songs Review


Actors : Vishal, Nayanthara, Upendra
Director : Rajasekhar
Music Director : Harris Jayaraj
Producer : G.K. Film Corporation

Satyam one of the most hyped movies of Nayanthara & Vishal, expected to be a damn thriller. Usually we do a small review on  music of the movie songs we post in but its boring to do so now a days bcz most new songs are either crap or copycats!

First song En Enbe is not that great. Its a mix of manythings, it has slows, highs, & some hummings. Overall this song is just a cliche & makes no sense or any good. But Sadhan sounds great! Shes promising.

Well this one sounds superb & has all sorts of a hit! Start of Ada Gada Gada is simply great with catchy voice of PremG..simply good! This song is waived on a common note, but @ some points theres background humming which’s copied from Sivaji’s Style Style song! Overall this song is a good one on its genre.

Though Hariharan is a renowned singer celeb not all songs will do good for this veteran. Aaaradi katre uses fats drums & highs of Hariharan. But its not upto mark. A Harris Jayaraj- Hariharan team can do a lot… a lot better. Thumbs down Harris!

Chellame chellame is not that chellam when taking Bombay Jeyashree-Harris Jayaraj evergreen hits like Vaseegara, Undral etc. Though she sounds very sweet as always, i think Harris failed this time. He tried to bring in something like vaseegara but failed miserably! Good luck next time Harris.

HMM!!I was going through each song of Satyam one by one & though all songs were crap i was happy that no songs were copycats atleast! but this one, Paal pappali when i came across…hooo! damn copy of a malayalam song “Oh salaama ailesa” from movie Runway whichs starred by Dileep & directed by veteran Joshy. Anyway hear the songs & post your comments here! lets have a discussion.

1. En Anbe

Singers: sadhana sargam & Beney Deyal


2. Aaaradi katre

Singer: Hariharan


3. Ada Gada Gada

Singer: PremG

4. Chellame Chellame

Singers: Bombay Jeyashree, Naveen


5. Paal pali

Singers: Naveen, Mahathi


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  1. kumar August 3, 2008 / 12:15 am

    vishal is a good actor and haaris jairam music is very good
    ada gada gada very nice song it real very good thank you to give good
    music this movie because i like vishal iam his fans

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