Shaji Kailas Under Fire

Shaji Kailas who is known for his action thrillers , power punch dialogues back in 90’s and early 2000’s , who is best at with Ranji Panikar , is now engaged in delivering a series of flops in Box Office . His latest Flick, The  King and The Commissioner,much awaited film of the year took a serious hit after after the initial crowd pulling openings . The blame has been on the director and script writer who has put an untenable script and over the moon dialogues which resulted in disaster . Shaji Kailas’s usual gimmicks has not worked lately proof being his llast 5-6 films all has sinked to the depth of shame . He was at height of glory till 2000 as most of his films were major blockbuster one being Narasimham with Mohanlal . Then slowly he has lost his magic touch and his films went into deep abyss. He is famous for his works like The King , Aaram Thamburan , Narasimham , Commissioner etc which all bought truck load of cash to producers . Now he is under fire as he desperately want something out of his box . His latest film simhasanam with prithviraj , whose producer had ordered the Veteran Director to minimize the budget of the film as the producers cannot afford huge loss if the director is to continue his streak of failures .

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