Shalini’s Sister Shamili into the cine world

Shalini is the only actress whom which both the mallus and tamlians loved equally,her role as Sakthi in Alaipayuthe and as Mini in Aniyathi Pravu made Shalini everyone’s favorites.her round figure was seen with excitement.Now her sister Shamili who also ┬áhave done some child roles is back ┬áto the movie field through her new film Oy with the master selector in movies OY!Siddharth who have acted in Rang de basanti and all is a good selector of movies he came through the shankar movie Boys and Genelia paired him,All his recent movies were good hits especially Bomarillu was a trend settler even in Malayalam also genelia gained a good profit from that movie which raised her to Bollywood(Filma like Jaane tu Ya Jaane Na),Shamlili got the best child actress national award at her age of 4,and her role in anjali was pretty noticeable. Shamili also did a good role in the movie harikrishnans with Mohanlal and mammotty,SHAMILY is not that looking good as shalini but looks are cute and has a close similarity to Shalini Ajith’s smile,Shamili photos first time in TQ from the movie OY! enjOY!

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