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Shikkar-the  movie on which all the Mohanlal fans were eagerly looking forward to,Very appealing Posters and the tweets of Mohanlal praising Shikkar’s Climax and Stunt Scenes added glamor.Script is written by S.Suresh Babu who is still trying to grab his seat in Malayalam Movie industry rather than being the scripter for a bunch of movies like,Thandavam,Dada Sahib,Five Fingers etc.Shikkar was also being assumed as a movie through which Director Padmakumar(Vargam,Vasthavam,Parunthu) could get a Break.Have Shikkar Came upto the expectations?Here is an analysis.


Shikkar as the name indicates is somthing related to Hunting,or being Specific ,Human Hunting.It can also be  said as a Hide and Seek between the Hunter and the Prey.Balaraman(Mohanlal)  a Lorry Driver in a  remote Village of Kerala,is powerful and very much respected by the Villagers.He has a daughter(Ananya) who is out of the Village with her studies.Balaraman even though very powerful and Fearless is seen panic at times.He has a tragic Past and fears someone Dreaded from his past.Balaraman(Mohanlal) is the prey and is being hunted by someone,and the story develops dramatically.


As usual Mohanlal exceled as Balaraman,No one other than Mohanlal could make Balaraman that Perfect.Mohanlal was that perfect Physically and Character wise for Balaraman.Complete Marks for Mohanlal as Balaraman.Samudrakani as a Naxal Leader was the perfect cast,even though short ,Samudrakani did a fine Job(Dialogue Delivery was amazing).Lalu Alex,Sneha,and others are passable.Kailash has no future,and might be out of the industry in no time.Suraj and Jagathy were wasted.


  • Mohanlal-All in all ,Mohanlal stealed the complete show,absolutely rocking performance by him as Balaraman.No one can make Balaraman more perfect than this.Even though the character Balaraman aint that emotional,Mohanlal has successfully managed to drain tons of expressions(Especially the RAGE was outstanding).
  • Climax scenes were taken  Brillaint and certainly Breath taking.The final action sequences appeared  cent percent original as it was done without using Dupe.
  • Songs done by M.Jayachandran are really hummable,and will soon be  in the  hit charts.BGM by Ouseppachan also deserves special mention.
  • Even though the pace of  first half is a little slow,Second half was firm with a solid story line and was built in good pace.
  • So far the best work of S.Suresh Babu.Padmakumar also proved again as a director with quality.
  • Samudrakani did a fine job.
  • Action sequences are excellent and directed well,Mohanlal did the stunts superb!


  • Comedy sequences was clearly intentional and was never going on par with story,Suraj and Jagathy was completely wasted.Funny scenes was never felt  Funny!
  • Character stuffing is a real curse to malayalam cinema.Mythili,Jagathy,Suraj and some other characters had nothing  to do in the movie.Malayalam directors shoud watch “No country for Old Men”  that they could learn how to make a movie interesting with just 3 or 4 characters.


All in all Shikkar is a well made movie,with top notch performance from the Mastero Mohanlal.Freshness in story and beautiful locations adds glamour to Shikkar.

4/5 – Must watch


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  1. ramesh September 12, 2010 / 9:12 am

    superb film and wonderful performance by great mohanlal

  2. anoop krishna September 21, 2010 / 9:13 am

    superb and rocking performance from lalettan

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