Shriya is no more deppressed,back with a hit-Thoranai

Few most before if someone asks Shriya, Hey Shriya hows your mood ?Of course Shriya will be said okay i am deppresed.Shriya who herself wanna be an Angelina Jolie is only showing curves in the film industry even though she did films giants like Vikram,Rajinikanth and did a bunch of films like Mission istambul,Awarpan in Hindi,both of them were flop.Shriya acted in all big budget films but they werent success but now with Vishal she did the Tamil movie Thoranai which has now confirmed as a hit ,good collections are going all over the south India.Shriya has all the talents she can be glamorous did some Shriya Swimsuits in the movie Shukriya and all,She wore a yellow swimsuits in which her back and bum was exposed as hot  jumping into the pool,that scene made her famous in Bollywood in the recent two movies she had nothing to perform.

Shriya Saran was born in Haridwar,the holy land and now at the age of 27 she is one of the beautiful star in the south India no doubt within no time she is gonna rock the Bollywood.Shriya Saran got the attention through a photo shoot in Delhi and a dance competition which she did on her college time and it made her entry as a model did some ads and on to cinema later,You might be interested about the controversies about shriya saran,As said above she can be glamorous to any extent and this made her a great trouble she attended a social function wearing a hot mini skirt exposing her curves and lots of common peoples where in the function and all of them was Surprised or SHOCKED seeing such an exposure of Shriya Saran which the haven’t seen in life before,Shriya was as usual but other mates were different,they filed a case against Shriya for bad dressing or  public exposure,Shriya would have never expected such a case against her.Another recent controversy is about her cola ad,one mother approached her saying that her son drinks a lots of cola after seeing the cola ad of Shriya Saran and shriya after that have promised that she wouldn’t be a bad motivation to kids and she says that she had quit the cola ads.Lots of crores of loss,but a good decision shriya.Shriya Saran ve made long  talks about female decency and she have said that females should respect males and should have a character,Here are some shriya photos taken from a recent function she attended she wore

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  1. kalai July 7, 2009 / 11:35 pm

    super super

  2. koundinya October 21, 2009 / 10:18 am

    It’s a good website for photos

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