Shweta Menon in Rathinirvedam

In the Movie ‘Rathinirvedham’ ,Shweta Menon does the role of ‘Rathi Chechy’ ,which was done by Jayabharathi in the old Rathinirvedam.Sreejith does the lead role of teenager in this movie.Rathinirvedam is a movie which demand lots of glamour and intimate scenes,Shweta Menon who can be glamorous to any extent can do this role safely.Rathinirvedam remake is directed by T.k Rajiv Kumar and produced by Suresh Kumar and is scheduled to release in june 2011.The original version of Rathinirvedam was directed by Bharatan and scripted by Padmarajan.And after the success of Neelathamara,this will be another remake of old movie.Anyways some dislikes are there saying that the male lead character was not apt,as the story is about the fantasies of teenager towards a mature woman and the hero Sreejith was looking pretty older for a teenager.M. Jayachandran does the music for the this gallery you can find out 12+ Photos of Shweta Menon in Rathinirvedam.

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