Simran Video Songs – Top 7 Video Songs of Actress Simran

We all know Simran is a gorgeous actress who once ruled the Tamil cinema stardom. Just like Kajal Agarwal or Tamanna or Asin enjoys stardom now, Simran was a queen of the olden days. In this post, we are publishing 7 top video songs of Simran based on her video popularity in Youtube.  We have taken utmost care to include all popular songs of Simran on the list. So here enjoy the top 7 Simran video songs handpicked from Youtube based on popularity.

#1 – Ennavo Ennavo from Priyamaanavale 

Our #1 song is from Priyamaanavale starring Vijay and Simran. Priyamaanavale is a super hit movies from the 90’s with outstanding songs.

#2 – All Thotta Bhoopathi from Youth 

Second one in the list is also a Vijay Simran combination from the movie named Youth. So enjoy the song and the visual treat.

#3 – Mundhinam Parthene from Vaaranam Aayiram 

Third song in the list is “Mundhinam Parthene” from Vaaranam Aayiram. This song is blessed with excellent choreography and outstanding direction from Gautam Menon. Suriya and Simran forms terrific combination in the song as well.

#4 – Minnal Oru Kodi from VIP 

The fourth song is from the old Prabhudeva starring VIP.  The duo “Simran Prabhu” is outstanding in this movie!

#5 – Moondru Ezhuthu from Paarthaale Paravasam 

The fifth song in the list is from the movie Paarthale Paravasam.  “Paarthale Paravasam” was a super hit movie of the times. Enjoy the visuals.

#6 – Maanam Virumbathe from Nerukku Ner 

“Maanam Virumbuthe” is an interesting song. Its blessed with good choreography and awesome performances as well.

#7 – Enakoru Snegithi starring Simran & VIjay 

The final song in the list is “Enakkoru Snegithi”; a sweet melody played by Simran & Vijay on screen.

I hope you enjoyed these top 7 Simran video songs. We will be compiling more video based lists of Simran and other actresses as well. Stay tuned!

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