The film is all about free education to all and the black money of political peopleThe introduction of the film starts in jail…. From there flashback Sivaji is an Software Architect who returns from US with a goal to give free education… He believes that education can only redeem poverty….
Sivaji- The Fun,The lover
The first half is full of love and fun…. Sivaji wishes to marry a tamil girl… Reg this he and his mama(Vivek) go in search of a girl in temples…. at last he sees Shreya… But her family refuses his proposal… but after some funny actions(really have to watch this guys,its cool)they decide to go for marriage…. but then it gets stopped coz of jadagaporutham doesnt get matched… but still he convinces them and get married….. Shreya’s father role was played by Raja(the one who speaks in Pattimandram in sun tv)… his neighbour is Solomon pappayya…. The scenes involving them and rajini is really funny to watch……
Sivaji- The Terror
Suman is an leading business man who runs colleges and hospitals… when he comes to know abt Sivaji’s Shemes he threatens him to stop and do some real estste biz….. But our thalaivar refuses and there starts the war bet them…He has been rejected permissions from all sides of the govt… He then uses bribery(without satisfaction) to get permissions….But suman somehow manages to stop him and brings down all his wealth…. He then gives one rupee and asks him to beg to survive….But then Sivaji tosses the coin to choose his next actions…. it comes down as head and he chooses SingaPadhai(Lion way ) and there comes the interval
Sivaji-The force
Sivaji then seizes all the documents of suman and threatens him to give half of his black money….. He then realises the amount of black money that cud be in place all over TN… He lootes all black money of almost all politicians and converts them to white money(thru his friends abroad) and starts his work again…. He also points out the culprits to IncomeTax and gets them into jail….
The CBI asks shreya abt the way he achieved the wealth…The also threatens her that his life cud be in danget if she doesnt reveal….So she decides to inform CBI and she handover Sivaji’s laptop to them…since it is Password protected(Voice recognition) they cudnt open it…They also use some mimicry artists to try open it… but the fail and all files get erased…Climax scene stars Rajini with a bald head(Reason to be watched in the movie )He appears as MGR(just the name ) in the bald scene where he taps his head often…Raguvaran comes as dean of Sivaji University… He later saves life of Sivaji in the later part….
Songs are very well picturised.. Especially the style song which features 8 diff styles of Rajini(He looks very white in the song)….Athirade song has got good graphics.. really cool to watchSahana song is very stylish and as always is intro song Ballelakka and vaaji song
Sivaji -The Boss The Quick opinion
Rajini – Acted excellently … good humour… really style looks
Shreya – surprisingly comes in many scenes(not usual in either Rajini or Shankar films)… done a good job…
Vivek – seems he is not trying anything new….
shankar – that his touch cud b seen only in songs… what to do with Rajini others performance are good Overall its a treat for Rajini fans….
For neutral audience – a very good entertainer

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