As the title says movie is flooded with blood  Raghuvaran and her daughter Mamta an inspirational new face comes to their native as Raghuvaran gets VRS and wants to settle back in his native.
Raghuvaran wants to release a book for Tamil folk songs and Vishal comes in as a Research Assistant for Raghuvaran  Mamta inspired by Vishal  slowly falls in love  Suddenly Vishal kills the politicians conducting for the election with criminal affair as the death toll increases most of the politicians with draw from the election later resulting to stop the election Obviously second half reveals why Vishal takes charge and kills the politicians in a row.

Hero Vishal takes his revenge on criminal politicians who were responsible for killing 40 of his college mates and his father Manivannan live in fire He gets the help and guidance of his professor Raghuvaran  The story ends as he Kills Rajan P Dev the source person for the massacre.

Tunes of Vidyasagar are pleasant for the ears especially Sithirail Enna Varum and Atrai Thingal songs  First off goes on a move with sparkling comedies of Kanja Karuppu. Mamta is really pleasant to watch  she inspires both as a homely and glamorous girl especially in Atrai Thingal song  Overall Sivapathigaram is a movie that stands out for the Director Karu Palaniappan

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